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Kaon VR®
(Virtual Reality)
Deployed on the Kaon High Velocity Marketing Platform, Kaon VR® (virtual reality) is the ONLY B2B marketing solution available that fully immerses users in a digitally simulated environment (such as a virtual data center or a virtual diagnostics laboratory) on an extendable, scalable, reusable VR platform. Not only can users explore Kaon’s award winning virtual 3D Products Models, but they can also configure the space and equipment in real time, showing how a solution can be personalized and modified to meet their specific business needs.
Authentic B2B Experiences
Users experience a relevant (often newly-configured) environment tailored to meet their specific business needs, giving them a much better understanding of the value your solutions will provide.
Transfer Critical Knowledge
Customers are 100% engaged, which allows for greater knowledge retention of your core-differentiated value.
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