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(Augmented Reality)
Built and delivered on the Kaon High Velocity Marketing Platform, Kaon AR® (augmented reality) is the first B2B marketing application that places a fully scaled 3D digital representation of your physical product in the customers’ actual environment. Users can interact with 3D Product Model experiences on AR-enabled mobile devices, giving the customer a real representation of the dimensions and how it can fit in their space. Not only does the product appear right there in their surroundings, but users can also walk around it, viewing it from any angle, and interact with the product.
Creating Emotional Connections
Customers develop a deeper understanding of the products and become emotionally connected as they learn how the product operates, and have the option to explore product options, functions, and features (e.g., remove components).
Communicating Value Differentiation
What’s even more compelling is to see animations in AR demonstrating the product workflows or processes, so prospects can truly understand the value proposition in the context of their business environment.
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