Marketing Platform
Increase Marketing Efficiency & Sales Effectiveness
The Kaon High Velocity Marketing Platform® creates and captures economic value at every phase of the marketing and sales lifecycle. Unlike point solution providers, the extensible nature of Kaon’s marketing SaaS platform allows interactive applications to be created ONCE and used EVERYWHERE, driving powerful customer engagement for global B2B companies.
Augmented reality places a virtual Kaon 3D Product Model in a customer's business environment, showing unique product workflow and process within their actual physical space at scale.
Virtual Reality fully immerses prospects in a 360-degree simulated B2B environment (lab, data center, manufacturing floor) where users can INSTANTLY walk through a newly-configured virtual space at scale.
Interactive Whiteboarding can be added to any section of your Kaon application to drag, drop, connect and manipulate custom icons or draw freestyle, personalizing high velocity sales demonstrations.
User Analytics tracks online and offline utilization of your Kaon application, on all devices, to understand user trends and develop real time actionable insights.
Share Card provides unlimited global users with access to your Kaon application, on any device (from one universal URL), ensuring your content is always up-to-date.
CRM Integration securely captures critical user activity as they engage with your Kaon application, tying those interactions directly to sales Opportunities and Activity History with
Kaon’s SaaS based model is structured with options to suit each company’s business needs.
SaaS Platform Features
Unlimited Users, Cross-Platform Deployment,
Analytics, Kaon AR®, Interactive Whiteboard,
Sales Training and more
  • Unlimited Users (No per seat licensing required)

    The Kaon platform is completely unlimited. An unlimited number of users can download and install your app. There are no limits on web use — applications and 3D models can be embedded within an unlimited number of web pages and partner sites.

  • Offline Native Application for iOS, Android, Mac, PC, Kaon v-OSK®, Kaon v-Rack®

    Kaon applications are deployed using native code for all devices. This ensures maximum performance and optimal integration with platform capabilities across operating systems and hardware environments. Different executables are used for iOS, Android, Mac and Windows. A fully customized operating system is used on the Kaon v-OSK and v-Rack.

  • Online Web Application for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE, Edge

    Kaon applications are developed in a way that work across all modern browsers, without any special plug-ins or extensions. The latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE11, and Edge are supported on Mac, Windows, iOS and Android, or about dozen Browser/OS combinations in all.

  • Augmented Reality Built-in (Kaon AR™)

    Kaon AR brings any 3D model instantly into the new world of augmented reality on any supported hardware.

  • Kaon VR Built-in

    Kaon 3D Product Models will immediately be available on the web in immersive Kaon VR, on mobile devices and high-end desktop VR setups.

  • Interactive Whiteboard - 3D Product Models (Kaon v-Draw™)

    Kaon v-Draw™ gives you the ability to mark up and share anything within your application. The shared drawing is live, meaning the person you send it to can modify it to continue the conversation. This is fully integrated with deep link sharing for 3D models, so the drawing is presented on top of an interactive 3D model that could even be paused mid-animation.

  • Embed Applications on Any Number of Websites (including channel partner websites)

    Using the Kaon ADN, each application can be embedded within any web site, including channel partner sites. The entire application, or a small portion, such as just a 3D model can be linked or embedded as easily as a YouTube video. The Kaon ADN edge-serves the content within the end-user’s geography, to ensure maximum performance.

  • Immersive Real-Time 3D Native Experience

    Kaon applications use a completely custom high-performance 3D rendering engine, written in native code for each supported platform. That is why the animation of 3D models in Kaon apps is so smooth, high resolution, and photo-realistic. Mobile devices use special formats for 3D, and the Kaon platform automatically uses the smallest, highest resolution, best performing format supported by the chipset in the given device. For example, every model has three completely different texture formats built-in, and only the one best format for the device being used is automatically pulled from the Kaon ADN cloud.

  • Collateral Integration (e.g. existing videos, PDFs, presentations)

    Your application can include all your best existing marketing collateral, including videos, PDFs, high-resolution images, and Office documents. Kaon’s easy-to-use CMS lets you upload these directly, and control where they appear within your unique application. The same pieces of collateral can appear in multiple menus, or be tied to very context-specific sections based on information you get from your prospect while they use the application.

  • Online Collateral Management System

    The Kaon CMS is compatible with all browsers, and lets you easily upload collateral for use in your application. The system keeps the original file you upload, along with converted formats of that same piece of collateral. You can easily assign collateral to menus or sections within your application by checking boxes. Your project manager is automatically notified as you modify the collateral. If you have multiple users of the system, you can even get an RSS feed to track what everyone else is doing.

  • Management of Collateral in Multiple Languages

    A major challenge for large internationalized applications is tracking all the localized versions of the collateral. A single PDF or video might be available in several languages. A document might only be available for some of the languages supported in your application overall, while other languages need to fall back to the English version. There might be multiple data formats (such as different video compression formats to support different browsers and devices), for each of the localized versions. Document titles needs to be localized as well. The Kaon system keeps track of all of this and more, with a proven, robust schema that can manage the most complex internationalization projects.

  • Online Agile Collaborative Application Development Process

    Agile application development requires efficient communications channels. Kaon’s app development team needs to be able to work with stakeholders in real time, designing and refining each application. Kaon’s platform has robust, mature tools to manage this process from early concept through final delivery. Every incremental version is saved and tracked, and authenticated users are able to review and comment on everything. Even ad-hoc email feedback is captured and tracked along with each project, for a complete audit trail. Kaon uses the same system for review and to stage for distribution to the Kaon ADN, to ensure the version you approved is exactly the version we deploy.

  • Quality Assurance of Application on iOS, Android, Mac, PC, Kaon v-OSK®, Kaon v-Rack®

    Kaon continuously tests and updates all applications on all supported platforms. There is a major browser or operating system update every week, and Kaon works to ensure all applications continue to work despite sometimes breaking changes in these platforms. As a registered developer on all major platforms, Kaon regularly tests apps on beta releases, so that your applications have zero downtime.

  • Applications have small file size (1.5 MB) for fast download and immediate use

    The average size of an iOS app on the store today is 23MB. In contrast, Kaon’s apps are tiny, weighing in at just over 1MB. This leads to instant store installs. After installing and opening this tiny app, the bulk of your application is downloaded to the device from the Kaon ADN cloud. Users have instant access to the entire application during this download, so there is zero wait time.

  • Management of global App Store content creation, submission, and approval process

    For public applications, Kaon can manage the entire process of app store submission for iOS and Android, including screen shot generation, high-resolution jewel development, and ensuring optimal keyword selection. Kaon has experience with app review and appeals, and can help ensure your choices do not trigger any delays. In the case of app rejection, Kaon will work with you to make the minimum changes necessary to meet Apple’s strict rules regarding marketing applications.

  • User Analytics (Online & Offline)

    User activity is anonymized and key analytics are presented in an easy-to-use interface, designed for use by non-experts. Offline activity is saved within the app, and retroactively added to analytics when the app is used online. Raw data is stored within a powerful analytics engine allowing Kaon to perform deep-dive analysis to answer specific questions not answered by the simplified analytics interface.

  • Access All Versions of the Application from one URL (Kaon Share Card™)
  • Applications can contain both public access and private employee login

    Applications can be completely public, require password-protected authenticated access, or a mix of both. Kaon provides a robust self-service portal for user account setup, that you can use for both employees or partners. A management portal provides administrative access to get lists of users and access frequency, bulk-email application users if needed, and revoke individual accounts.

  • Adhere to Corporate Brand Standards

    Kaon will review your brand guidelines and ensure that your app is fully compliant with all the standards of your organizations.

  • Single Application with Built-in Multiple Language Capabilities

    Kaon applications are built from the ground up to support localizing the text to different languages. Even if you only need English to start, your application will be built in a way that ensures translation is simple at any time in the process. Kaon works with best-of-breed translation houses, and can have all your content translated at competitive rates, or you can use in-house resources to do localization work.

  • Deep Link Sharing from within the Application via Email, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

    At any point within a Kaon application, the user can generate a deep link to share that specific part of the application via email or social media. The system generates short links automatically and recipients will end up in the web version of the application within seconds, regardless of what platform the link was generated on.

  • Unlimited Application Size

    There is effectively no limit on how large each application on the Kaon platform can be. Since only a small content manager and runtime platform is installed from the store, as far as the device is concerned, the rest of your application is just data. So apps can be as big as they need to be to tell your story. For very large applications covering multiple solutions or lines of business, users can selectively add or remove portions of the application to meet their needs while saving room on their devices. Furthermore, the 3D models within the applications are stored in a special compressed format on mobile devices, further reducing the app footprint.

  • Marketing Launch Portal (Including Application Intro Video)
  • SEO and Application Discoverability in App Store

    Kaon ensures that your app can be found among the millions on the app store by helping you choose critical keywords and ensuring a fully optimized entry in every store.

  • Instant Cloud Updates With No App Store Delays

    Updates to Kaon applications are delivered globally, instantly using Kaon ADN cloud. There are no costly delays waiting for app store updates. And all versions and platforms are updated simultaneously, under end-user control.

  • Future-Proof: New Devices, OS Versions, Browser Versions (ongoing support and updates)

    Between mobile operating system updates, browser updates, changing authentication rules, and new devices entering the market, apps need to be re-tested weekly to ensure all users have the best possible experience. In addition app store rules are constantly changing, requiring updates to screen shots, changes to terms and conditions, and compliance with evolving rules about ratings and content. Without constant maintenance, apps quickly become obsolete. Kaon uses a common platform for all applications that allows us to test these fundamentals continuously, getting ahead of any problems. As a registered developer, Kaon also tests on beta hardware and software, to ensure apps continue to work when major releases introduce breaking changes.

  • Scale and Evolve the Application as Your Business Grows

    Applications can grow over time to encompass new solutions, and to provide greater detail about existing solutions. Since the application content comes from the cloud, not an app store, there are no arbitrary limits to the size of applications. As the application changes and evolves, updates are instantly distributed worldwide via the Kaon ADN.

  • Built-in Collateral in Specific Formats for Different Devices

    A single piece of collateral might need to exist in many formats. For example, a PowerPoint deck available for the desktop needs to also be stored as a PDF for use on mobile. A PDF might need to be flattened and optimized to be compatible with mobile platforms. Videos needs to be available in multiple formats for different browsers and devices. The Kaon platform includes a sophisticated CMS that was designed from the ground up to manage this complexity. Your original collateral uploads are maintained side-by-side with all the converted formats. And, of course, all of these files are then multiplied by the number of languages each app supports.

  • Quarterly Collateral Updates Included

    Quarterly collateral updates included.

  • Rent, Purchase or Lease Kaon v-OSKs, Kaon v-Lifts, Kaon v-Racks, and Kaon VR Station for Trade Shows, Events, EBCs & Lobbies
  • 24/7 Support Hotline

    Kaon hotline and email support are monitored 24/7, and issues automatically escalate to ensure prompt resolution.

  • Kaon Project Manager

    Kaon provides every customer with a project manager to plan, procure and execute your project.

  • Training

    Kaon offers customized and highly collaborative training to drive user awareness and adoption thought the lifetime of your Kaon application, including; customer road mapping, face-to-face training, virtual training session, end-user advisory boards, etc.

Additional Options
Kaon VR®, CRM Integration,
Unlimited Text Updates and more
  • Multi-user Virtual Reality (Kaon VR™)

    Kaon VR brings your applications into an immersive, multi-user space, where prospects can interact with your products and solutions with unprecedented realism.

  • Trusted Kaon Account Manager

    Kaon will provide you with a fully trusted Account Manager; a knowledgeable, rigorously trained, single point of contact.

  • Live Wireless Connections at Trade Shows (with additional hardware purchase/rental)

    The Kaon platform can be extended to trade shows and other environments where an internet connection is not readily available. Allowing the collection of real-time analytics, and even last-minute content updates on the show floor, all over an ultra-fast LTE wireless connection.

  • Data Driven Value Calculators that Personalize the User Experience (Online & Offline)

    Kaon can build custom value calculators that use information about your prospects (from a CRM like salesforce, or based on answers they provide to questions up front) to help them understand the value your solutions provide to them as individuals.

  • Real-Time Trade Shows Analytics (with additional hardware purchase/rental)

    The Kaon platform can be extended to trade shows and other environments where an internet connection is not readily available. Allowing the collection of real-time analytics, and even last-minute content updates on the show floor, all over an ultra-fast LTE wireless connection.

  • Interactive Whiteboard - Entire Application (Kaon v-Draw™)

    Overlay the Kaon v-Draw™ on any section of your Kaon application to drag, drop, connect and manipulate custom icons or draw freestyle and then share solutions via email with colleagues. Prospects can describe and document their business scenarios and collaborate with sales representatives to create custom offerings. Kaon v-Draw captures these visual dialogues and allows you to share them with key purchasing influencers, making it easier for prospects to see the value of your solution and create more meaningful conversations that win deals.

  • CRM Integration (Kaon Salesforce Connect™)

    Kaon applications integrate seamlessly with, establishing a direct link between customer engagement and sales acceleration. Kaon Salesforce Connect™ securely captures critical user activity as they engage with your Kaon application and ties those interactions directly to sales Opportunities and Activity History in, establishes a clear marketing ROI. Sales teams can now eliminate manual data entry and focus solely on customer insights that will help them close deals.

  • Data Driven Personalization, Per Customer, Pre-Engagement

    Applications can be personalized in real time as prospects use them, or in advance by pulling data from Salesforce. This personalization then guides the conversation by customizing solutions for the specific prospect.

  • Generate Unique PDFs in Real-Time Based on User Data (Kaon PDF Builder™)

    Paired with Application Personalization, a PDF can be generated as a take-away that captures they key selling points of your solution, based on the customer’s specific needs.

  • Provide Time-Limited Links to Secure Collateral

    Sensitive collateral can be stored in the Kaon Secure Cloud, ensuring only authenticated users can access it. But what if you need to share a link to that collateral with a well-qualified lead? The Kaon platform can generate time-limited personal links, that you can send to the prospect and they can use just until it expires. Time limits are fully configurable.

  • Monthly Collateral Updates

    Monthly collateral updates

  • Unlimited Text Content Updates

    The text content in your application can be updated as often as you need to, using Kaon’s easy-to-use update tools. These updates can be pushed to the global cloud in a matter of minutes.

  • Instant Content Updates (based on authority level and content)

    Based on authority level, certain sections of text content in your application can be updated as often as you need to, using Kaon’s easy-to-use update tools. These updates can be pushed to the global cloud in a matter of minutes.

  • Secure Cloud Provided for Confidential Video & PDF Collateral

    Sensitive collateral can be stored in the Kaon Secure Cloud, ensuring only authenticated users can access it.

  • Training

    Kaon will work with your team to provide customized and highly collaborative training to drive user awareness and adoption. Work with Kaon’s User Adoption and Advocacy team on customer road mapping, face-to-face training, virtual training sessions, end-user advisory boards, etc.