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Lab Design Tool
The world’s most advanced interactive Lab Design Tool for the layout and optimization of diagnostic lab equipment, lab floor plan design, and workflows.

The Kaon Lab Design Tool (LDT) offers game-changing powerful ways to create, visualize, and engage any lab design layout. The Lab Design Tool is advanced enough to support the most complex laboratory environment yet easy enough for almost anyone to use with little to no training. All lab designs are immediately available to experience in engaging 3D, including augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).

For Sales and Marketing Teams

Transform your sales team into solution consultants who help customers quickly go from understanding their lab equipment needs and your value proposition to understanding optimal space, workflow, and supporting equipment requirements. Accelerate sales by engaging customers in an immersive educational experience of their own lab environment with recommended diagnostic lab equipment solutions so they can explore and share with other stakeholders the value and quickly build consensus. Easily tell your complex value story on any device, anywhere, at any time, including virtual, hybrid, and in-person sales engagements.

As a sales enablement tool, the Kaon Lab Design Tool has been game-changing in elevating our sellers from vendors to trusted advisors. It has reduced friction and risk by providing an easy and powerful way for customers to plan and optimize their lab space and workflows in the context of their own lab. This has shortened our sales cycle, increased deal sizes, and we can now effectively tell our complete product story – generating multi-million-dollars of attribution in closed business.
Angela Carnrite

Senior Manager of E-business Marketing,

Thermo Fisher Scientific

For Lab Managers

Design and maintain agile labs that can accommodate constant changes in lab space requirements, technology, and techniques while achieving optimal workflow and spatial efficiency. Supercharge continuous improvement efforts, increase efficiencies, and drive costs down with an easy-to-use solution that allows for rapid prototyping to encourage fast and efficient decision-making and collaboration among your lab stakeholders.

The Kaon Lab Design Tool has empowered lab teams to visualize, experience, and gain stakeholder agreement on proposed layout and laboratory workflow changes without physically moving equipment. Compared to previous methods, immersive VR solutions are significantly faster and less expensive than traditional improvement techniques. This superior process has created a standard of excellence that has allowed for the creation of more efficient and higher-performing labs.

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