Interactive Storytelling
According to the MHI Research Institute, most B2B companies claim their number one pain point is the 'inability of their sales team to communicate their value story.'

Kaon's interactive solution storytelling applications solve this problem by using visually engaging real-world scenarios to show how your products and solutions solve a customers’ business challenge. By incorporating consistent marketing messages inside immersive storytelling experiences, together with 3D Product Tours, calculators, configurators, videos, collateral, presentations and much more, we help prospects receive an impactful understanding of your VALUE, which in turn leads to shortened sales cycles, increased win rates, faster sales/channel training, and greater customer engagement.

  • Visually stunning interactive solution stories presented in a simplified way
  • Customer data-driven context that drives sensory, intellectual and emotional experiences
  • Non-linear engagements influence prospects to become part of the narrative and personalize the experience to each individuals' journey
  • Accessible on the Web, mobile, tablets, laptops, PC's, Kaon v-OSK & Kaon v-Rack

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