Hardware Solutions
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These integrated multi-touch appliances, together with Kaon’s award winning interactive product marketing applications, offer marketing and sales teams the perfect selling solutions for trade shows, EBCs, smaller events and sales meetings.
Kaon v-OSK (multi-touch)
Available in 24”, 40” and 46” this multi-touch appliance family offers a whole new world of interactivity creating an even more engaging user experience. Simply plug in the hardware and you're good to go!
Kaon v-Rack (virtual rack)
Engage with 3D Product Models (which look and behave like the actual products) on two 40" Kaon v-OSK MT™ interactive touch screens mounted within an ACTUAL rack, creating a user experience relevant to a real-world environment. Perfect for virtually demonstrating integrated solutions or entire families of rack mounted switches, routers, servers, and storage products.
Kaon v-Lift (easy lift)
Ideal for rapid set-up at trade shows, road shows and conference centers, the Kaon v-Lift offers individuals a gentle and easy way to hydraulically lift the 46” Kaon v-OSK out of it’s carrying case and adjust it to your desired presentation height.