Kaon Industry Awards
While Kaon likes to let our customers take center stage, our applications have been recognized by numerous industry-leading organizations and have won several awards, including:
Kaon Industry Awards
  • MITX (Massachusetts Innovation & Technology Exchange) Award

    "Interactive/Online Business’ Award"

  • International Academy of Visual Arts Communicator Award

    "Award of Distinction"

  • Trade Show Executive Magazine’s Award

    International "Innovation" Award

  • EXHIBITOR Buyers Choice Award

    (Four Consecutive Years)

  • EContent 100 Award

  • SBANE Award

    Small Business Association of New England

  • Event Marketer Magazine

    Named "10 Technologies Changing Event Marketing"

  • Dx Creative Communications Awards

    • "Best Corporate Communications" for Instrumentation Laboratory
    • "Best Product/Service Brand Creation Application" for Johnson & Johnson Ortho Clinical Diagnostics
    • GE Healthcare Molecular Imaging
    • "Best in Show" for Abbott Diagnostics

  • Tabby Award

    Business "Best B2B Mobile Marketing App"

  • The Finnys

    “Interactive Content Category: DXC Technology MyWorkStyle™ Application”

  • Transformative CEO

    "Digital Transformation Category”

  • CIO Applications

    "2020 Top 10 Sales Technology Solution Provider”

  • CIO Applications

    "2020 CIO Applications Magazine Top 10 Sales Technology Solution Provider”

  • CV Magazine

    “Most Cutting-Edge Sales & Marketing Technology Firm”

  • SR 2020 50 Best Companies to Watch

    “The Silicon Review 30 Most Reputable Companies of 2019”

  • SR 2020 5 Best MarTech Companies to Watch

    “The Silicon Review 5 Best MarTech Companies to Watch in 2020”