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The Kaon Application Delivery Network (ADN) addresses the problem of distributing a single interactive user experience to all platforms: mobile, desktop, browser, Kaon v-OSK MT™, and Kaon v-Rack™. That means literally hundreds of different devices, architectures, and platforms, global networks, enterprise firewalls and proxy servers, and a user base that needs everything to be very simple.

Interactive sales and marketing applications can be very large, so the updates need to be incremental, particularly for global users with limited Internet connectivity. The content of these applications is also very rich, including video, animation, and real-time photo-quality 3D rendering. Furthermore, the applications can be embedded on corporate websites, entirely or in pieces.

The Kaon ADN is the world’s only platform that can deliver online or offline access to unlimited users on all devices from one universal location, without re-development fees. What appears to the end-user to be a very simple thing (an application that “just work” on every device) is actually the result of a suite of very complex technologies, all working in perfect harmony.

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