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Kaon's management team brings a wide range of skills and experience into play, thereby allowing the company to rapidly adjust to market dynamics and shifting industry trends. Thanks to this impressive depth of management, Kaon's customers can achieve continuing success with the development of new and innovative solutions that solve real-world business challenges.

  • Gavin A. Finn, Ph.D., President and Chief Executive Officer

    Gavin Finn is President & CEO of Kaon Interactive. He is responsible for the company’s strategic, financial, product, and customer relationship strategies. In this capacity, he has led the successful transformation of the company’s business model and marketing strategies. Gavin has instituted Kaon’s continuous innovation process, resulting in the introduction of several award-winning solutions which have delivered significant improvements in customers’ sales effectiveness and marketing efficiency.

    Prior to joining Kaon, Gavin served as President and Chief Operating Officer of Bluestreak, Inc., an Internet advertising and marketing infrastructure software company, and led the company through three acquisitions and organic growth resulting in a profitable, high-growth business. Prior to Bluestreak, Gavin was President and Chief Executive Officer of Prescient Technologies, Inc., a software company that provided engineering data quality solutions for engineering and manufacturing companies in the aerospace, automotive, and, heavy industrial markets. Gavin holds a Ph.D. in Computer-Aided-Engineering and a Master of Science degree in Structural Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Oklahoma State University.

  • Joshua Smith, Chief Technology Officer

    Joshua Smith is a founder of Kaon, and Alpha Geek (CTO) of the company. At Kaon, he has directed the company's technology platform evolution from Netscape Plug-ins, through Java, and into mobile. In addition to setting key technology strategy as CTO, he heads the platform and process automation teams within Kaon, ensuring Kaon's interactive applications can be deployed seamlessly throughout Kaon' s customer's marketing and sales teams.

    Joshua started his first software company while still in high school, and has been developing innovative software solutions ever since. After graduating from WPI, he went to work for BBN, developing a massively multiplayer, real-time first-person tank shooter for DARPA. He designed the AI tank and aircraft opponents that fought against Army soldiers training for Desert Storm. He went on to develop the software architecture used for much of the distributed modeling and simulation code within the military in the 1990s (and still used in some pockets today, we hear).

    Together with Al Stevens and Steve Levy (also formerly of BBN) he founded Kaon to bring the action of massive military simulations into people’s homes on PCs, networked via modems. After a couple years in the game business, Kaon pivoted into B2B product marketing.

    His family of five resides in central Massachusetts, where he is active in non-profit boards, and volunteers in local town government.

  • John Heffernan, Vice President - Applications

    John Heffernan is a seasoned operations executive specialized in leading and growing profitable production groups within organizations. As Vice President of Applications for Kaon Interactive, John oversees the creative service and project management groups, and is charged with the ongoing re-engineering of our creative and production processes, creating efficiencies and quality improvement for the company and our clients.

    John is a creative services industry veteran with over 20 years experience in the areas of department management, workflow optimization, client service, supplier sourcing, procurement, contract negotiation and staff training. Before joining Kaon Interactive, John worked with companies including; Ashville Media Group, The Pohly Company and Mosby Consumer Health/Staywell.

  • Dana Drissel, Vice President - Marketing

    Dana Drissel is a strategic marketing innovator specialized in campaign-driven programs that attract, retain, and nurture prospects through the sales pipeline. Currently the Vice President of Marketing for Kaon Interactive, she has defined the corporate brand, delivered ROI-based goal measurements, and has introduced a vast suite of Kaon solutions, building a fast growing base of industry-leading customers in a variety of business sectors.

    Dana is well known in the New England high technology community, having successfully implemented innovative marketing solutions at companies such as Exact Software, Centerstone Software, and Harpell. She is a results-driven professional with 15+ years of advertising agency and corporate marketing experience at both large public companies and small start-ups.

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