Kaon Interactive

iPads & Mobile Devices

Endless Freedom

The combination of Kaon's interactive sales and marketing solutions with innovations in mobile devices (iPad®, Android tablets, and Smartphones) generates a uniquely dynamic experience. Sales teams now have the freedom and flexibility to engage with customers on-demand, and to present their products and solutions anywhere, anytime.

Compelling 3D Product Experiences

Imagine having access to your entire product catalog everywhere you go. Virtual 3D Product Models will look, preform and behave just like the real thing. Rotate, zoom, measure and interact. Explore options and features (opening drawers, retrofit components, add-ons) while clearly visualizing product workflow and process.

Powerful Communication Tool

Access a complete sales enablement toolbox with the touch of a finger, including virtual 3D Product Models, interactive solution diagrams, videos, documents and presentations. Simplify your sophisticated stories, making them straightforward for sales people to communicate and easy for customers to understand.