Kaon Interactive

show stopping

Wow Customers with Touch Screen Appliances

The award-winning Kaon v-OSK®, a large-format, high-definition touch screen appliance with integrated computer and high performance NVIDIA® graphics system, gives companies the ability to capture customer attention with personalized, interactive experiences. This free-standing appliance offers the most ideal environment anywhere to convey critical product or solution information and messaging in a visually dynamic way. Because customers are put in the driver's seat, exploring only the features and options that are important to them, it is a truly customer-centric experience-helping to build customer satisfaction and ultimately, customer loyalty.

This all-in-one, fully integrated unit (available in 24", 42", and 46" sizes) is the ultimate multimedia resource. Its mobility and simplicity offers marketers and sales associates the perfect selling tool for trade shows, conference rooms, events, sales meetings, in-store retail, and executive briefing centers.