Challenges For Marketers

In order to differentiate ourselves we must cost-effectively create a consistent and convincing product experience everywhere that Sales, Marketing and customers meet.

BUT… PowerPoint slideshows, videos and brochures aren’t compelling enough, so prospects don’t remember key product messages. Also, many customers want to engage with the products prior to purchasing.

AND… when I develop marketing content, I end up having to create something unique for each venue or piece of hardware – we just don’t have the budget or resources.

Challenges for Sales People

In order to accelerate Sales cycles and close more opportunities, we must deliver engaging and persuasive product information, at a moment’s notice.

BUT… products aren’t always available for Sales demonstrations and can be very expensive to ship.

AND… even if a product is available, it’s difficult to show how it works and I often don’t have a product expert available to demonstrate all the product features.

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